Free Lumix Pro registration Promotion – Promotion Terms and Conditions

This promotion is offered by Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH and provides the participant with free membership to the LUMIX PRO for a year after registration, when in the Claim Deadline, at the appropriate level depending on products registered. After a year from registration, the subscriber will be entitled to renew membership at the appropriate price, as defined at, and this will depend on membership level. During the Promotional Period, the subscriber will enjoy the full benefits associated with their level of membership, as set out at and in the promotion FAQ’s available at



“Claim Deadline”

means 31/01/2022

“Extended Period”

means the period 01/08/2021 to 31/01/2022, LUMIX PRO Europe is offering valued customers one year free of charge full professional benefits

“Lumix Pro Club Membership”

means that described in the FAQ’s at

“Promotional Membership”

means Membership to the LUMIX PRO free of charge for a year; the year runs from registration (provided it is within the Extended Period) until one year has elapsed from the date of registration. This provides the subscriber to full membership for the proposed level providing subscription has been validated by the Promotor. After a year, the subscriber can carry on their LUMIX PRO membership by paying the prescribed, and full, fee.


refers to the promotion which provides the subscriber with free LUMIX PRO membership for a year if subscribed to between 01/08/2021 and 31/01/2022.

“Promotional Period”

means the period from the date of registration, or verification of registration by the Promotor if later, until a year has elapsed.


means those who have taken up the offer to obtain a Promotional Membership to the LUMIX PRO by satisfying the requirements of these Terms and Conditions and this Promotion.


The Promotor

The Promotion is promoted by Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, whose registered address is Hagenauer Str. 43, 65203, Wiesbaden, Germany (hereafter referred to as “the Promotor”)



The Promotion is applicable to residents of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden where the LUMIX PRO services are available, who are aged 18 years or over, hereafter referred to as the “Participant”.
Participants who sign up for the services within the Extended Period will have free of charge LUMIX PRO membership for a 1 year period from the date of registration.
All Qualifying registration must be carried out within the Extended Period.
For further information, please refer to the FAQ’s at


The Promotion is for 1 year free of charge membership to LUMIX PRO, once registration has been validated the Participant will receive all of the benefits available to full LUMIX PRO members, as listed on for a period of 1 year from registration including the relevant benefits allocated to each level of membership. When one year has elapsed the participant can choose to carry on their membership at market value – more information is available at
The Service offered under this Promotion is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and there is no cash or credit alternative available.
The Promotion is offered only during the Extended Period.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Promoter reserves the right to provide an alternative service of the same or greater value without giving notice.

Claim Process

To participate in the promotion, the Participant must register their personal information and relevant qualifying equipment on equipment has been registered and membership validated the system will allocate the relevant membership level. Each membership level has a bespoke level of benefits which are outlined on,benefits will only be available once membership has been validated.
The Promoter will not be held responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website or other failures or damage of any kind, to the extent that this prevents the Participant from or otherwise obstructs the participant to enter in the Promotion.
Claims made by fax, telephone, email or post will not be accepted. Illegible, incomplete or altered claim forms will be deemed void, as will claim forms not completed in accordance with these terms and conditions.
Upon submission of your online registration participants will be updated as to their membership level and a unique membership number will be allocated to each Participant and a welcome pack will be distributed, the membership number and welcome pack will be required to redeem the services relevant to the allocated membership level. For further information please refer to the FAQ’s at
The Promoter will not process a claim if the correct information has not been provided during the promotion period, a membership level has already been allocated and the membership of the individual has already been validated.


Please allow up to 6 weeks from the date of sign up to receive your welcome pack [including your membership card]. If you have not received your welcome pack, please contact us at,no later than 30 days after expiration of this 6 weeks period. Regrettably, claims pursued after this time, as well as outside of the Claim Deadline, will not be accepted


The responsible data controller is Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Hagenauer Str. 43, 65203, Wiesbaden, Germany. The types of data collected: Salutation, first name and last name, postal address, country of residence and e-mail address, product information and serial number (and any other identifiable data).
The purposes of data collection: Data will be collected, processed and stored for the sole purpose of the promotion and membership to LUMIX PRO. If the participant consented into the reception of product information and special offers from Panasonic, the types of data listed above will also be collected, processed and stored for such purpose. Data of already existing customers will be compared and updated with the provided data of this promotion.
All personal data will be kept for the period that you are a member of LUMIX PRO.
The Promoter will only share personal information where necessary to allow the subscriber membership rights to LUMIX PRO. Any information sent to a relevant third party will be processed in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation, in addition to confidentiality agreements between the relevant Parties.
The relevant contact for subject access requests and deletion requests (or the exercise of other rights under the General Data Protection Regulation) is Panasonic Marketing Europe. Correspondence should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer at Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Hagenauer Str. 43, 65203, Wiesbaden, Germany if by post, or to market for the attention of the Data Protection Officer.
The Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Privacy Policy is available at


By claiming this free registration, applicants will be deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.
The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all claims to protect itself against fraudulent, invalid or repetitive claims including, without limitation, to require the participant to prove that it did not return the product within the period of 28 days from the date of subscription. Claims for returned products, bad faith or fraudulent entries or claims that otherwise do not meet these terms and conditions will be invalidated and the membership obtained fraudulently through this Promotion will be annulled. The Promoter reserves the right to claim reparation of any prejudice caused by a fraudulent Participant.
If applicable, membership can be cancelled by the Promoter if the Promoter finds out, after a claim has been validated, that the Participant obtained membership fraudulently.
The Promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and to amend or withdraw this promotion at any time.
The Promoter reserves the right to claim reparation for any direct losses which arise due to the conduct of a fraudulent Participant.
Only one registration can be made per person.
These terms are governed by the laws of the country in which you are resident. Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your rights as a consumer to rely on the mandatory provisions of local laws.